Cpl. Bruce McPHERSON, 20 November, 1891 - 1973


Clement Bruce McPHERSON was the youngest son of James McPHERSON, the Queensland Bushranger, known as "The Wild Scotchman", and Elizabeth Ann HORSZFELDT.

Bruce was awarded the MILITARY MEDAL for bravery in WWI.

His War Record states:--
Army Form W. 3121
14th AUST. F.A., 5th AUSTRALIAN, 25th August 1918
53rd Battery, 14th Australian Field Artillery Brigade.
Recommended by A.J. BESSEL-BROWNE, Brig-Gen. C.R.A. 5th Australian Division.
Action for which commended.
"During the operations of 8th August, 1918, in front of HAMEL- VILLIERS BRETONNEUX, this N.C.O. did excellent work.
When the gun limbers went to the gun position to take the gun out of action, this N.C.O. was placed in charge. Having seen the gun clear, he remained on the position and helped Driver BARTON to get the firing Battery wagon out. This he succeeded in doing, and had to pass through a heavy fire. The gun team had horses killed and wounded, and a little later the firing battery team became disabled.

With assistance from Driver BARTON he collected horses and made up a team for the gun, which he succeeded in getting out of the danger zone.

Being unable to secure horses for the wagon, he immediately proceeded to the rear wagon lines, secured fresh horses and returned to the wagon which he got safely away. This N.C.O's courage and devotion to duty deserve special recognition." (Sgd) J. TALBOT HOBBS. Major-General. Commanding 5th AUSTRALIAN DIVISION

Bruce's adopted son, Ronald James McPHERSON, has donated his father's Military Medal to a Returned Servicemen's League in North Queensland, for their Museum.