The Wild Scotchmans Family
His Family

James McPHERSON, born 27 Aug 1841, Duthil, Inverness, Scotland,

married Elizabeth Ann HORSZFELDT, (born 16 Nov 1861, Rockhampton), on 21 Dec 1878, at Blackall, Queensland.

Their children:--

1. Elspeth Ann McPHERSON, born 2 Apr 1880, Hughenden,


2. James Ossian McPHERSON, b. 10 May 1882, Cambridge Downs,

Hughenden, Queensland, died 13 Feb 1911, on Koolburra Station,

Cooktown, Queensland.

3. George Henry McPHERSON, born 24 Apr 1884, Hughenden,


4. John Robert McPHERSON, born 12 Feb 1886, Hughenden,


5. Thomas Donald McPHERSON, born 5 Sep 1887, Hughenden,

Queensland, died 11 Sep 1887, Hughenden, Queensland.

6. Flora Jane (Poppy) McPHERSON, born 10 Nov 1889, Hughenden,

Queensland, married Eric James O’DONNELL, died 18 Nov 1983.

7. Clement Bruce McPHERSON, born 25 Nov 1891, Hughenden,

Queensland, married Isabel May ANDERSON, died 1973.

Elizabeth Ann decorated the walls of her home by embroidering Hessian, with very artistically done scenes.

Elspeth Ann was very good at oil-painting.

James Ossian was speared by an aboriginee. He was named “Ossian” for the James MacPHERSON, who translated the Ossian poems in the 1700s.

His father must have known of this famous James MacPHERSON, before he left Scotland at the age of thirteen.

George Henry worked on Bruce’s cattle station, “Square Post” at Haughton Valley, in the late 1930s. He also lived at Bororen, and talked to a friend about his father, the “Wild Scotchman”.

John Robert worked on the railway line at Miriam Vale, and played a lot of tennis with a man named John BATES. John did not speak of his father, the “Wild Scotchman”.

Flora Jane (Poppy) was an excellent horsewoman, and a good shot with a rifle. The O’DONNELL children were evacuated to Bruce’s station during WWII.

Clement Bruce was awarded the Military Medal for Bravery, in France, in WWI. He had a cane farm at Ayr or Home Hill, then a cattle station, “Square Post”, at Haughton Valley, near Mingela, in 1934-5, then bought an hotel at Keeri, Atherton Tablelands, and retired to Atherton.


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